Basketball Philosophy

Here at Northeast Prep we provide opportunity; and the most important opportunity that we offer is the opportunity to improve. We give our players the chance to take what they learn in practice and apply it to games. This is why we hire some of the best basketball instructors in the world. Not only will Northeast Prep players reach the next level, but they excel at what ever level of basketball they play at.

What separates us from our competition is:

    1. We place an emphasis on player development while teaching our players how to play the game.
    2. We allow players to make mistakes as long as we find it beneficial to their development.
    3. We put our players in positions to improve when the stakes are not as high, so they can excel when it is time to perform.
    4. We play some of the top junior college teams in the country so that our players know what it takes to get to the next level.


With a schedule that includes over 50 games, we schedule the top high school teams in the country. Our players will play against many of the top players in the country. We create the stage, it’s up to our players to perform.

To create the stage, we:

  1. Play a strong schedule to ensure that our players will play in front of coaches time and time again.
  2. Hire former collegiate coaches to develop a relationship between our coaches and college coaches.
  3. Partnered with a national recruiting service so that our players will receive a recruiting profile.

Our Partnership with Northeast Preparatory School

Our basketball program has a partnership with Northeast Preparatory School;

“Our philosophy here at Northeast Preparatory School is to both prepare our graduates for life after high school and to insure that they have the skills to be successful in whatever endeavor they elect. We motivate our students through teaching them personal responsibility, cooperation, hard work and overall respect towards our diverse population. It is our belief that these lessons both enhance and complete our student education. Much of our success can be attributed to our small class size and our emphasis on individual attention, in-school counseling, career guidance and our overall commitment to excellence.”